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Feb 08

So, this goes out to all the kids that want to be the next Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods, or who the hell knows else. Rock climbing is what you chose to be good at, and thats tight, but I want you all to know what your signing up for, and honestly what your really looking at getting yourself into. I have been lucky enough to see a ton of people involved in rock climbing, some that have achieved the super saiyan, with there power levels over 900,000, the ability to crimp a nickel, and hold a front lever for 24 hours while watching Kat Williams. I am taking nothing away from them in this, in fact i respect them so much, because they are willing to do some things that I am not. So although I will glorify the mindset of my other friends, I want it known I have so much respect for those type of people.

First, you must understand the restrictions they put on there bodies, every strong person I know has no fun eating… well not as much fun as I do. They fight all the human urges I give into every day. They act like they give in, getting a milk shake sometimes, but thats once a month not once a week. They spend there days doing full blown therapy sessions to their bodies, because the type of abuse they put on themselves is stupid. ┬áSo next time you think you should be climbing v12 because u spent 3 whole hours in a gym, put yourself in check my friend.

Not only do they have restrictions, but they don’t have half the fun climbing. True, Pushing your personal limits is something fun, but thats the only type of fun they have sometimes. You watch the video of them doing some super hard move to some song that thumps real hard, and you say “DAMN! THAT SHITS FLY AS FUCK, IM TRYN TO DO THAT MY DUDE!” well lets take a reality check. What you just witnessed is Daniel Woods in 25 degree weather finally stick a move throwing to a hold LITERALLY as sharp as a razor that he might have tried 15 more times, and destroyed his tip. To some they think they have that dedication, but I really don’t know if they do. Its hard to push yourself to that limit, and its super impressive they do.

Lastly is the training, a lot of us go to the gym, and say ” I’m gonna train.” Fallowing this statement, we get on the wall trying boulder problems that suit our style, to prove to the world we have a big dick. After this we go do our “core workout” of holding 3 1 minute planks, get bored with that then sit around a campus board arguing who can do the craziest thing on that. Trust me, I just called myself out, but we all need to realize that we arent gaining from that. We are not pushing ourselves as the athletes we admire, and we can blame it on the sponsors giving them money so they have the time to do these things but at the end of the day its because we do not want it as bad.

Now I am lucky because there is a second type of strong man around here, Zack, Carson, Kelley, and tons more that I look up too, they push themselves, and eat healthy. Humble people that do not have rock climbing as a pissing competition, but something they love doing. They go out with there friends every weekend, and try to push themselves. They live cheaply, and simply enjoy the lighter things in life. I want to be strong, but my view of strong has changed. These guys climb hard, and they don’t suffer the super bad weather, sure they climb hard boulders in the cold, but if its warm they are not in a gym. They are outside with there friends getting on any and every boulder they can.

If I never climb v15 thats fine. I have alot of respect for people that push themselves like that. I think its incredible, but If I ever climb somewhat hard, and just always enjoy all the things climbing has given me, I will win. I may not have a new pair of five ten shoes every week, or a plane ticket to the Rocklands that I want for free but ill have the homies, a warn down lapis brush, and some beautiful grandmother boulders. Truly, thats all I want.


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