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Mar 02

As I sit on a sunday morning, after another banger at the 105 I realize something. Living in a house full of climbers is not something I’ve used to my fullest. Here every weekend we have friends stay over, we talk about how progression is hard, but there is optimism and knowing hard work pays off. I wake up to hearing honestly two of the people I look up too most in rock climbing. We do stupid stuff together, and we also help each other with things around the house. It all culminates into this crazy functional household, of friends, mentors, and ultimately people you can trust with everything. Zack would always call the house the hobbit hole. Its a place of cheer, friendship, and warmth. A lot of my friends find our house to be like a climbing hostel, and I believe thats why. Living in a house like this comes with unheard expectations of yourself, and honestly I don’t live up to them.


When you live in a house like this, you feel like its a perfect storm. Its good friends, psyche, and advice which makes you feel like there is nothing to get into your way of getting stronger, except yourself. When you are in that situation you realize what kind of person you are. Its like we all say about celeb’s if “I was born into money, I would be famous too.”. Well in climbing I feel like Ive been born into that money in a since, and honestly it made me realize its kinda scary. Its hard to make excuses when you have nothing to fall on but yourself. I know what I would need to do to truly be a strong climber. When I see myself fail over, and over its a frustrating experience that leaves me looking in the mirror. Why didn’t I do better. Climbing is something you have to look at yourself in, and I love that about it. I want to take less advantage of the things I have been given to help me, and the most amazing friendships I have. So I love this hobbit hole, and I wish everyone was lucky enough to have one, I just get frustrated with whats in the mirror sometimes.



Feb 08

So, this goes out to all the kids that want to be the next Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods, or who the hell knows else. Rock climbing is what you chose to be good at, and thats tight, but I want you all to know what your signing up for, and honestly what your really looking at getting yourself into. I have been lucky enough to see a ton of people involved in rock climbing, some that have achieved the super saiyan, with there power levels over 900,000, the ability to crimp a nickel, and hold a front lever for 24 hours while watching Kat Williams. I am taking nothing away from them in this, in fact i respect them so much, because they are willing to do some things that I am not. So although I will glorify the mindset of my other friends, I want it known I have so much respect for those type of people.

First, you must understand the restrictions they put on there bodies, every strong person I know has no fun eating… well not as much fun as I do. They fight all the human urges I give into every day. They act like they give in, getting a milk shake sometimes, but thats once a month not once a week. They spend there days doing full blown therapy sessions to their bodies, because the type of abuse they put on themselves is stupid.  So next time you think you should be climbing v12 because u spent 3 whole hours in a gym, put yourself in check my friend.

Not only do they have restrictions, but they don’t have half the fun climbing. True, Pushing your personal limits is something fun, but thats the only type of fun they have sometimes. You watch the video of them doing some super hard move to some song that thumps real hard, and you say “DAMN! THAT SHITS FLY AS FUCK, IM TRYN TO DO THAT MY DUDE!” well lets take a reality check. What you just witnessed is Daniel Woods in 25 degree weather finally stick a move throwing to a hold LITERALLY as sharp as a razor that he might have tried 15 more times, and destroyed his tip. To some they think they have that dedication, but I really don’t know if they do. Its hard to push yourself to that limit, and its super impressive they do.

Lastly is the training, a lot of us go to the gym, and say ” I’m gonna train.” Fallowing this statement, we get on the wall trying boulder problems that suit our style, to prove to the world we have a big dick. After this we go do our “core workout” of holding 3 1 minute planks, get bored with that then sit around a campus board arguing who can do the craziest thing on that. Trust me, I just called myself out, but we all need to realize that we arent gaining from that. We are not pushing ourselves as the athletes we admire, and we can blame it on the sponsors giving them money so they have the time to do these things but at the end of the day its because we do not want it as bad.

Now I am lucky because there is a second type of strong man around here, Zack, Carson, Kelley, and tons more that I look up too, they push themselves, and eat healthy. Humble people that do not have rock climbing as a pissing competition, but something they love doing. They go out with there friends every weekend, and try to push themselves. They live cheaply, and simply enjoy the lighter things in life. I want to be strong, but my view of strong has changed. These guys climb hard, and they don’t suffer the super bad weather, sure they climb hard boulders in the cold, but if its warm they are not in a gym. They are outside with there friends getting on any and every boulder they can.

If I never climb v15 thats fine. I have alot of respect for people that push themselves like that. I think its incredible, but If I ever climb somewhat hard, and just always enjoy all the things climbing has given me, I will win. I may not have a new pair of five ten shoes every week, or a plane ticket to the Rocklands that I want for free but ill have the homies, a warn down lapis brush, and some beautiful grandmother boulders. Truly, thats all I want.


Feb 03

Friends asked me the other day at the gym why I hadn’t taken the time to make a blog post lately. I responded with a honest answer of, ” I do not have anything to say.”, but honestly I feel like I finally found something worth saying. Something I have learned more and more as of late to be true. Climbing truly comes with options of what you want out of it. Its up to you to pick, and the best part is that there is no wrong answer.

When I started climbing I quickly realized it was something I wanted to progress at. I would hunt down videos on vimeo, and dpm and realize that I wanted to progress at this fast. I watched people like a cool ass kid thats my roommate now who is petting his dog watching the super bowl with me, and a few friends climb hard. This fueled my ambition to get strong. Quickly I was hit with the harsh reality of what it meant to get strong at rock climbing. First I found out that it is going to be strenuous. The amount of stress you put on your body to become a better rock climber is crazy, in comparison to what you get out of it, by getting to the top of a boulder. After training for a while the second thing set in, which is that sometimes on this path I have chosen rock climbing is not fun. You want to give up when things get hard, but luckily you have people with you that not only crave success for themselves, but for you as well, and will push you through it. These are all things that we all hear all the time from people I offer little extra advice but there are two things that seem to be not talked about, and forgotten  easily.


Training is not about what your good at, its about what your not good at. Its easy for someone to go to a gym, and work on there strengths. I know my weak points, and I am horrible at working on them, but after typing this article I will promise that I will work on my flaws as a climber, such as my diet, core, and other things I realize that if I want to achieve what I set out to do in climbing I must do. Its funny to me looking back how many times I have fallen off a boulder because of finger strength only to say ill fix it, but going back to the gym and doing what I always do. After this going back to the boulder falling still and wondering why. Learning from your mistakes is crucial, and I am done being ignorant. You have to suffer sometimes training, but for a good reason.


Christian Backmann, is a smart young rock climber quickly progressing, and hit me with something I have never thought about. It changed my mentality completely. When out at a boulder I was trying the sit start to a climb he was trying the stand. I kept falling where I always would, and was getting angry. I was in training mode, and felt like I should be doing better, but I wasn’t. I was then reminded with this from Christian, training is a good thing, and you should push yourself then. Climbing outside is the fun part, and you should push yourself, but not ending angry. Its about having fun. You put in the work training so you can have fun. You don’t go out to get angry at yourself. I forgot this, and Christian put things back into perspective. Smart kid.

The very last thing I have to offer is that this is the poison you picked, and its not for everyone. Climbing is a beautiful thing, it can be entirely recreational, or you can push yourself at it. Its important to realize that your no better than anyone else. Just because you decide to dedicate your life to getting up a boulder with a blanker face than someone else doesn’t mean that your more important. So respect that, because its not all about you, or me.


All in all my message might be scatterbrained but the message is this, If you choose that you want progression quickly, realize that it comes at a price of being willing to be honest about your weaknesses, and fix them. Know that rock climbing should always be fun, and if you ever start getting too mad or frustrated stop immediately, pack your shit, and come back another day. Its not worth being that mad. Lastly just because your willing to sacrifice your time and energy into training and wanting to be the best you can be does not make you better than anyone else, and respecting that fact will make the whole endeavor easier on you, and the people around you. So you picked the poison, but don’t let it kill you.




Daniel C.

Jan 01

The blog!

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My name is Daniel, and I am a senior at App state, in Boone, North Carolina. If you had been reading my blog it was not well taken care of. I am making it my goal to restart this blog, and try to manage it better. So this will be the start of me reconstructing this blog, and trying to make it a bit better than before. I deleted all the old post from a while back that might have been cluttering this. So, a few things you should know about me!

  1. I am 21 almost 22
  2. I work at the climbing gym on App states campus as a gym supervisor, and route setter.
  3. I have climbed for a little over a year and a half.
  4. All the people in Boone are the best, but I do find the rock climbing community as a whole as positive and supporting.
  5. I recently did my first 7a+ boulder.
  6. I am psyched on starting to make videos!
  7. I am a senior in the college, as a Recreation Management major, and hoping to work at a climbing gym!





So, I hope that my blog becomes something fun to read for people. I am going try

to not make it very narcissistic, and just post about general interest things in the rock climbing community!